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South island of New Zealand is one of the wonderlands especially in the winter season.

There is a lot to offer in New Zealand, from the phenomenal nature wonder to adrenaline spikes activities such as bungy jumping, skydiving, zip lining, white water rafting and etc. Hopefully this post could provide you some insights while planning your itinerary.

Tekapo, South Island

My favourite part in the South Island undoubtedly goes to Tekapo, its renowned night sky with millions of dazzling stars. Living in a bustling city with severe light pollution these days, we are rarely able to see such skies full of stars. It is fortunate that New Zealand reserves its nature while developing the country without damaging its nature and Tekapo has been spared from the impact of development. It is also a gateway to be near and connect with nature. If you’re a zealous astrophotographer, this definitely is the place for you to take astrophotography. The Church of the Good Shepherd as a background, you would find the perfect composition in your photography. If you plan to visit and to see the night sky, it is best to visit in autumn or winter due to short daylight.

To avoid enjoying a night with other tourists flocking to the sightseeing area, I’d suggest you to go to the lakeside. The ground might not be as comfortable as the soft grass at the Church of the Good Shepherd as it is full of pebbles but at least you could enjoy the romantic night with your partner. By doing that, do equip yourself with warm clothing as winter in the south island is harsher than the north.

Well, I am a nature lover, hence, a night is not suffice to enjoy the night sky. First night we went to the Church of the Good Shepherd and second night we opted for Lake Tekapo for stargazing.

The reason why we chose the latter for stargazing is because of no crowds at all, the tranquillity environment coupled with the still lake and snow mountain as a background plus a sky filled with stars. For a moment, I just lost myself in this vast sky.


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