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There is a renowned town that smells like a rotten egg when you enter the area. It is located on the north island in New Zealand and is famous for its geothermal activity and Maori culture. When you are in this region, few things that you must not miss.

In this little town, you will see a lot of mud pools surrounding you. What comes to your mind, or what can you associate with when I mention geothermal activity? Yes, you got it right, it is hot spas and lots of natural hot pools. We didn’t pay for a hot spa; we opted for a natural hot pool, kerosene creek. You have to type the name on Google Maps, and it will lead you straight to the natural hot pool without paying a single pence. There are many things to do other than immersing your torso in the hot pools. You could visit Wai-O-Tapu, about half an hour drive from Rotorua town. The colourful geothermal attraction draws thousands of tourists from around the globe.

Then, we ensconced ourselves at Lake Okareka DoC Campsite the first night. The fee for staying a night will be 15$ (New Zealand Dollar) per adult and 7.50$ per kid. You may wonder if it is worth it to pay 15$ for a campsite, you may add another few dollars to get a more comfortable and cosy hostel room. Trust me, 15$ for sleeping under a billion stars and get to see the unreal Milky Way with your naked eyes; what more could you ask for? Not to mention waking up with a scenic lakeside view, that is a plus!


The next morning, we headed to Taupo after having a refreshing swim in the lake. Immerse yourself in the stunning landscape while driving; you can even pull over for a lookout along the journey. Visit Huka Falls when you are on North Island. It’s hard to tear my gaze away with its torrent and its crystal blue water. If you have no budget constraint, you can take a jet boat trip up close at the base of the impressive falls to have some splash of the torrential water.

We didn’t make any rush throughout the road trip. Instead, we enjoyed the quality time spent together, kept our own pace, enjoyed the wonderful sunset by the lakeside.

After having our breakfast the next morning, off we went for my first hiking in my life. My first time hiking experience in Tongariro National Park to be continued in another blog post.

Time flies when you’re having fun; a week of a road trip just passed in a snap of fingers. The whole trip didn’t cost much as we slept in the campground, showered in the river and prepared our meals, everything split by two. As aforementioned, it was an unforgettable road trip as I got to experience a lot of my firsts, my first time to camp, shower in a river for a week, prepare meals in the campsite, first hiking, etc. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances hinder you from trying new things, and it may turn out great when you least expecting it

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