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Everyone likes to travel, and hoping for meeting new people and places that surprise you? Don’t let fear stop you. Just do it and take action; it doesn’t matter if you have money or not. If you want to be one of the world’s backpackers, please read on.

The ABCs of backpacking around the world
Any experienced or first-time backpacker knows the basics of what it takes to explore the world with a backpack on your shoulder. If you’re ready to start your backpacking adventure, here’s what you’ll need to consider:

The backpack. A backpacker is nothing without a backpack, so choose a good one and start filling it. There are two secrets to keep in mind:

Take only the essentials. Remember that you will have to carry your backpack for the whole trip and that it should not be too heavy to avoid back pain. In this sense, you must be very strict and see what things you will need. You can be considered the climate of the place you will visit at the time of the year you are travelling.
Pack everything tightly. The things you take with you should take up as little space as possible, so learn how to fit everything into your backpack to make the most of the space. It is best to roll up your clothes and put them in plastic bags.
Money is not essential. You can travel on a shoestring and even earn a living during your trip to pay for it. Your backpacking budget may be very small, so you’ll need to look for cheap transport and very cheap places to eat and sleep.

If you want to pay your way as you travel, you can use various forms of self-financing such as work away, which involves living in hostels and restaurants that provide accommodation and food in exchange for your services. This method is most commonly used in Australia and New Zealand. If you can play an instrument or make necklaces, another option is to set up a street stall and earn some money. Be careful with the legislation of the countries because there are places where street vending is forbidden.

Time to enjoy yourself. A backpacker does not go on a 15-day trip and return home but spends long travelling, even months or years. The idea is to have time to enjoy each place, rest, discover, and interact with the people of each country or city you visit.

The difference is in your eyes. A backpacker doesn’t look at the world as a tourist: they go beyond. The world is not just to look at; it is to smell it and feel it on your skin. Open your eyes, don’t look, feel, change the way you see life, dare to discover, do new things, to fly. The journey will change you completely: you will never be the same person again.

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