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Travelling the world, exploring cities, sampling exotic dishes daily and watching beautiful sunsets on every continent sounds like the perfect life.

And while for decades, social conventions have made us think that it’s mandatory to settle down. People have a steady job and support a family. More and more people are putting this off and taking the risk to travel the world for a few years backpacker-style, generating income and learning a lot in the process.

Hundreds of bloggers and social media influencers have emerged. As a result, revealing the details of their travels and offering tips to other travellers. You can be a backpacker for a weekend, for months or years. It’s all a matter of attitude. But the great thing about this type of explorer is that as long as there’s a backpack and a desire, the rest is profit; it’s if you’ve already decided to travel the world for the first time or you’re thinking of doing so, here are some tips you can follow:

Take insurance: yes! Although backpackers tend to be very spontaneous and risky, they are not stupid. Taking out travel insurance is the best decision you can make because it means you’ll be backed up in case of an emergency.

Protect your identity: make copies of all your identification documents (particularly passports and visas) and keep the originals in a safe place. The good idea is to back it up in your e-mail so that you always have it at hand, and in case you lose it, it won’t be left out in the open.

Choose a sturdy backpack: there’s no such thing as a backpacker without a backpack; it’s as unpredictable as a fish swimming out of water. Choose a good backpack, something sturdy, roomy and comfortable for your shoulders. Preferably one that also includes lumbar support.

Map out an itinerary:

  1. Plan your trip. That will ensure you enjoy the experience, but be sure to be flexible.
  2. At least include the basics about the central route and attractions in the surrounding villages.
  3. Do a piece of reading up on the places you’d like to see, but leave some time to spare, so you’ll avoid a bad time and make the most of the time you have available.

Save on accommodation: the real luxury is not sleeping all the time in 5-star hotels but resting comfortably and making the trip a unique experience. Evaluate the possibility of using more practical and innovative options (such as CouchSurfing or Airbnb) to save some money on your stay.

Research laws and requirements: you must know the entry and exit requirements of the country you will visit. Suppose you need a visa, vaccination cards, or other details for entry or stay. Remember, immigration regulations are the guidelines for any country.

Learn a few words in the language: if you are going to a distant region or a country that uses another language, you must learn a few basic words and read up on the cultural traditions of the place so that you can put yourself in context express yourself.

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